Five Essential Mobile Phone Accessories You Cannot Ignore

Six Must-Have Mobile Phone Accessories for Your Smartphone
December 17, 2020

Mobile phones are now a biggest part of our daily lives. We cannot imagine even a day without our smartphones and other technological blessings. Right from keeping us connected to our near and dear ones, sending text messages, capturing our favorite memories, listening to songs, playing games, browsing the internet and many more, mobile phones now play a crucial role in helping us stay connected, work or even have fun in a better way. Further, keeping in view what value does mobile phones have in our lives, here are five quality mobile accessories that you cannot ignore.

Cases and Pouches

Mobile phones are costly affairs and even more so if you have a hi-end smart phone like Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 etc. So, mobile accessories like Cases and Pouches are essential for keeping them safe as they prevent scratches and lessen daily wear and tear. Also, if god forbid, you accidentally drop your mobile, cases and pouches break the shock and thereby greatly reduce the damage.

These days, cases and covers come in many attractive colors and designs – like glow in the dark covers, crystal studded cases, cartoon and movie character pouches and more. These covers are a huge fashion statement especially amongst youngsters. Moreover, cases and covers can provide an entire new look and feel to even used mobile phones. Therefore, these are must-have mobile phone accessories that are essential for protecting and for jazzing up your smartphone.

Screen Guard

Who would like their phone’s screen to be full of nasty scratches? Scratches can especially spoil the look, feel and user experience of touch screen phones, making it slightly less responsive. Screen guards are the most excellent mobile accessories to protect mobile screens from scratches due to daily use and handling. The screen guard provided by the mobile accessories supplier can be removed after a few months when it starts looking old and can be replaced by a new one.

Underneath the screen guard your phone’s screen will remain new and shiny. Also if you plan to exchange your smartphone for a new one, scratches will lower its resale value, so screen protectors are a must for your desire to give your phone a new and shiny look for long.

Travel Charger

Even the smartest of mobile phones are no good if their battery runs out, especially when you’re travelling. Moreover, many people even tend to forget to charge their mobile phones when in a hurry to leave for work. Travel chargers or car chargers are useful mobile accessories to keep with you at all times. A travel charger lets you charge from the accessory outlet or the cigarette lighter outlet of the car. Travel chargers are very helpful for people who are always on the road and a convenient mobile accessory for busy professionals. There are three types of car chargers: fast chargers, rapid chargers, and trickle chargers.

Bluetooth Headsets

In many states, talking on mobile phones without using a wireless headset is a punishable offense. Bluetooth headsets are meant for busy individuals who drive frequently for long and need to attend their professional calls. Bluetooth headsets will not only make it a lot safer for you to take calls while driving but will also help you avoid fines and tickets.

Extra Battery

Extra battery comes in handy when you are travelling long distances and cannot charge your phone in-between. Simple take out the discharged battery and replace it with the new charged one. You can charge the other one later when you reach your destination. A majority of mobile phone batteries are light-weight, small, and portable and are relatively inexpensive. They can easily be purchased in retail stores or mobile outlets and can even be bought online.

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