Wired or Wireless Headphones – Which One You Should Choose

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July 26, 2021
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Wired or Wireless Headphones

A majority of us are accustomed to the wired headphones as they are offered with portable mp3 players. The niche is rightly seen as a rat race with companies churning out newer and revolutionary products over time. A recent paradigm-shifting innovation in this niche is wireless headphones and every wireless headphone supplier is in the race to capture market share.

What is a Wireless Headphone?

It is an earphone that does not include any type of cable. Here, the audio is transmitted to the receiver. The receiver then decodes the input and renders the output. The output is itself the effective audio.

The world is going wireless rapidly than you think. We are now living and breathing internet – wireless, calling over smartphones – wireless; you name it and you will find it wireless. Studies are in the process of transit electric power (for replacement of the existing power lines). Renowned and quality mobile accessories manufacturers are seeing an opportunity to cash in and have started developing wireless headphones.

So, should you go to wireless headphones or stick to the traditional wired one? Let’s find out:

Wireless Headphones VS Wired Headphones

Significance of opting wireless over wired headphones?

You get the same audio quality.

The audio quality is a subjective concept. This primarily relies upon various factors like the incorporated technology (for audio signals reproduction, not for the transmission)!

Occurrence of wireless transmission?

First of all, there is no magic! There is an involvement of pure science. The audio signals in wireless earphones are transmitted in the shape of radio frequencies. This transmission component is conducted through the base station. The receiver is incorporated with the headphone.

Harmful effects of radio frequencies?

No harmful impacts. These are harmless and plain radio frequencies. They will not bring any type of cancer or AIDS (as propagated by certain manufacturers).

Any limit on the base station’s range?

There is a certain limit. Most of the quality mobile accessories manufacturers link technology into the base station. From there they can transmit frequencies up to 10 feet. You can increase, however, the arrangement cost will also go up in the same manner.

Which headphone should I prefer?

By factoring in the aspects mentioned above, it is YOU who can decide.

Consider the features incorporated in the headphone of a certain wireless headphone supplier. Look at the price as well. A costly headphone is not a guarantee for better audio. Watch out for safety measures carried by the headphone.

Final Verdict

If you feel comfortable with your current wired headphone, it is suggested to stick to them and know about the wireless headphones. The main advantage you get from wireless headphones is the absence of wires. You can roam anywhere in the house, do your household chores while enjoying music through the wireless headphone. This freedom is perhaps what you need.

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