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September 14, 2020

Energy Storage Battery-12V100AH BTTGY0000006

Country: China
Model No: BTTGY0000006
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Place of Origin: China
Price for Minimum Order: –
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Unit
Packaging Detail: –
Delivery Time: –
Supplying Ability: 1000 Unit per Day
Payment Type: T/T, Western Union
Product Group: Battery


Energy Storage
   BTTGY0000006ParameterMode:12V100AHType:  Lead-acid battery for energy storageBattery cover and exhaust bolt structure: Valve controlled
sealed batteryReliability and SaftyCerticate with: CE, UL, MSDSFeature:-The battery has been charged, it can be used without charging with
liquid.-The battery has no memory and does not need to be recharged after
discharging. It is suitable for circuit design.- The products adopt ABS engineering plastic shell and valve
control technology to facilitate safe use.- The product adopts high baffle, strong adsorption, and no flowing
liquid (lean liquid) in the battery.-The battery does not leak acid, the battery can be inverted and
meet the environmental requirements, easy to maintain.-The products adopt lead-calcium alloy, battery self-discharge is
extremely low, easy to store.Note:-Do not damage the battery shell, battery electrolyte has a strong
corrosive effect on the skin and clothing.-Do not make the battery short circuit, battery short circuit, will
lead to machine damage, battery heat, dangerous.-Do not put the battery into the fire, into the fire will cause the
battery explosion.-Do not insert metal body into the battery, which will damage the
safety structure of the battery.-Avoid the battery negative and positive anti-connection, negative
and positive anti-connection will make the battery explosion.-Do not make the battery charged, and prevent excessive current
discharge.-Do not destroy the battery seal structure, the battery seal
structure is damaged, will cause battery leakage, fire and even
explosion.-Do not place the battery in an airtight container or airtight
equipment for charging, so as not to cause battery explosion.In order to ensure safety and the performance of the conleda
battery, precautions for use should be strictly observed.

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